For someone like myself change is a massive deal. I like my life in order and even if I don’t know it, I have a routine and an almost ‘schedule’ I make in my head every morning.

Ranting down the phone at my boyfriend has become the usual, planning the day down to every minute to make sure that, even if my day is really boring, I have some sense of order. I remember one Christmas my sisters were planning on getting me a clip board so that I could carry that around with me as I make my plans.

Someone changing or cancelling plans on me throws my anxiety through the roof and I feel myself entering a maze and I cant find the end or any logical way through. I feel my eyes flickering as my brain overthinks and decides on how to react. Often this ends in anger, but never intentionally.

Change happens every day. 

Change is a part of life.

Change has made me the person who I am today. 

Never be afraid to change things in your life because sometimes you’ll realise that change is the only way you can move forward and be happy. Whether that’s changing the way you do your make-up, changing your morning routine, or changing the group of friends you hang out with.

Change is good, and things will get easier.



An idea

After a couple hours of studying on a Friday night, thrilling I know, I decided to create a blog. This was something I had thought about doing for a while as it would give me a platform for me to write about my plans over the summer, my opinions on fashion trends and allow me to write down my thoughts on certain issues such as mental health and sexual harassment.

Disclaimer, I’m not an expert in writing. I study Accounting and Finance so I’m more of a numbers person, but hopefully this blog will help improve this and help me express myself more.

Now, I haven’t really thought about a theme for this blog, I just want it to be a spur of the moment thing where if I fancy writing about something then I will. I’m quite an opinionated person so I know that some of my posts could be quite controversial, but I want this to be a platform for discussion and not a space for hate.

I’ve seen quite a few friends start blogs or even create YouTube channels which has been really inspiring to me, at first I thought I could never do something like that because I’d be putting myself out there waiting to be judged. But then I remembered that I don’t really give a shit. I see this as a great opportunity for me to be more creative, and I get bored at Uni when I’m on my own so I guess it gives me something to do.

So as this is my first post I’m going to keep it brief, I’ll be putting my thinking hat on as to what to write my next post about and hopefully that will be more interesting than me blabbing on about myself.